Clear and White Flower Ear Hook

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A gorgeous ear hook generously adorned with a white flower, beads and gold finish leaves. Vibrant in arrangement but serene in style, you will make an unmistakable statement while wearing these hooks. Freely dangling twin chains add just a hint of allure to this stunning earpiece.

Flaunt these for a wedding, party, festival or even for casual settings where looking and feeling good is mandatory!

I first collect PET plastic bottles from the streets or event venues of Helsinki. Bottles are then washed, sanitized and prepped for my jeweler’s studio where I, Jing, personally work on your order.

Your jewelry is made with an intricate process where I first cut the plastic into shapes inspired by flowers, nature and art forms. Then, using candle heat, I very carefully curl the plastic into the beautiful organic shapes you see featured in my product portfolios. I then adorn your jewelry with beads, leaves and other fashion accessories. A final assembly ensures perfectly durable and functional wear.

Every step of my creative process is a very conscious one, designed to minimize plastic waste.


Besides upcycled PET Plastic arrangements, this earring uses copper plated parts (hooks, chains, clasps etc.) that are coated with 14k gold. Our earrings are allergen-free and devoid of lead, nickel and cadmium.