Love Story of our Clothes - WCEF2024 Studio: Helsinki

Free Creative Mending Workshop - Tuesday, 16.4.2024 at 17:00-20:00
love story of our clothes workshop dome upcycling helsinki

Join us at Dome Upcycling's WCEF2024 studio event, "Love Story of our Clothes" - a drop-in workshop where you can share the heartfelt tales of your beloved garments in need of a little TLC (tender, love and care). Reflect on the cherished moments spent wearing these clothes, brimming with love and laughter. Engage with our local upcycling designers and creative mending experts, who will guide you in breathing new life into your wardrobe favorites. Our aim? To unite individuals from all walks of life, igniting a passion for sustainable living and inspiring others to follow suit.

Don't forget to bring along your most cherished pieces of clothing in need of repair!

Throughout the workshop, join in ongoing discussions about the future of fashion and discover plenty of networking opportunities. Plus, selected stories will be captured on video and in photographs, immortalizing your garment's journey.

Dome Upcycling serves as a hub for circular-minded creators and consumers alike, fostering a community dedicated to the well-being of both people and planet. Explore the space where local women entrepreneurs offer a range of products and services, from creative mending workshops to upcycled and handmade treasures, as well as preloved fashion.

Dome Upcycling is the brainchild of upcycling designer and circular entrepreneur coach, Isabella Haas, owner of the local social enterprise EDEL City Oy. Join us in shaping a more sustainable tomorrow, one stitch at a time.


This event is a WCEF2024 Studio presenting the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 to a local audience (

Event Schedule:

Drop-in Workshop at Dome Upcycling: 17:00-20:00

17:00: Welcoming participants and introduction to the workshop as part of the WCEF2024 program.
17:15: Participants begin sharing love stories of their clothes, with selected stories being recorded on video.
18:15-19:15: We plan to watch the WCEF2024 session "Behavioural insights empowering sustainable consumption."
19:15: Continuation of participants sharing love stories of their clothes and recording selected stories on video.
Throughout the Workshop: Our experts provide personal assistance in mending participants' clothes using recycled materials whenever possible. Discussions continue on the importance of giving clothes a new or longer life and practical ways to achieve it. We explore how changing our consumption behavior can lead to greater sustainability and how repairing/upcycling clothes can contribute to a more circular society.
Additionally: Participants have the opportunity to learn more about WCEF2024 and the session "Behavioural insights empowering sustainable consumption."
20:00: End of the studio event.

love story of our clothes