Our Makers

Isabella Haas - EDEL City / Dome Upcycling

EDEL City Dome Upcycling Isabella Haas

Preserving nature has always been close to my heart. Already when I started my studies 25 years ago I wanted to find solutions to reduce the amount of waste on the planet instead of contributing to producing more waste. In my first student projects in 1992 I developed a waste separation bin for the office made from recycled plastic and a juice dispenser machine for the supermarket where customers could bring their own refill containers. At that time many of my colleagues were wondering what I was doing. To me those issues were important already then and now even more so. More and more people start to realize their importance.

I came to Finland in 1996 to study Design Leadership and define my role as an industrial designer in creating a sustainable society. Finnish design in every aspect has hugely inspired me with its high quality handicraft, timelessness, inspired by nature and practical approach. During my studies I wanted to find out how I can have a positive impact on people and the planet with my own professional skills and actions. 

My mission is to bring well-being and happiness to people by energizing them through creative and sustainable activity. Each of us has the power to create the world we want to live in!


JING WANG - Upcycle with Jing

designer wang jing at her upcycle studio in Helsinki, handmade in Finland, eco-friendly jewelry, bridal earrings

Hi, I’m Jing.

I began my journey in China, where I pursued studies in industrial design. Shortly after beginning my academics, the interest I had in studies quickly evaporated as I came to notice the foundations of my career pursuits were wastefully exploiting precious resources for structures that only further harmed the environment. It was at this important moment that I embraced my true calling.

I wasted no time in moving to Finland, where I redirected my energies into researching single-used plastic upcycling. Here, I would study sustainable waste practices and author a compelling thesis focused on the value of this process. But my journey wouldn’t end there. I stood up the first iteration of my current business at Aalto University, selling upcycled jewelry to the local community. I could never have imagined the level of demand that would follow, or where it would lead me.

Today, I operate my business from my home in Finland, the country that showed me how one person’s waste can truly become another person’s treasure. Ever since, I have served as an enthusiast for environmentally conscious production methods and remain a passionate supporter of jewelry that not only accents but represents the unique personality inside of each and everyone one of us.




La Lola Anastasia

Created by a multi-talented artist and crafter from Peru. She makes stationary, jewellery, crochet and fabric accessories from recycled materials with a Peruvian twist.




Merja has a passion for knitting. She is creating wonderful handmade wool socks, stocking and leg warmers also made-to-order.



In Upstitch Studio in Helsinki we offer fixing and mending of broken garments and accessories, altering badly fitted or wrong sized clothes, creating new outfits and accessories from unwanted old clothes, recycled / second hand fabrics and factory waste.



She makes unique jewelry inspired by tango dancing.