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Rocket craft making - live online workshop

Lets reduce the amount of waste and have some fun together making cool rockets from your own waste materials found in your own home!

During the 45 minutes workshop you'll get to:

  • Practice your English
  • Share your creations with the group
  • Enjoy creating toys from waste materials!

Simply register and gather your craft supplies:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Cleaned coffee bag
  • Old red t-shirt or other textile material
  • Craft paper
  • Tools: scissors, transparent tape, glue, pencils, stapler

The workshop best suits children aged 6 - 10 and their guardians!

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*40 € (Value 50€)

*20 € (Value 25€)

Do you want to support our business? With this gift card you can purchase tickets fro workshops and courses as well as products (at the regular price) untill the end of the year 2020 at Dome Upcycling at ITIS shopping center, Itäkatu 1-7, Helsinki.

As a Thank You, we will organize free workshops for underprivileged children and their families in Finland - one workshop per 50 or 25 pcs of sold gift vouchers (20€ or 40€).

The offer is valid untill 31.5.2020

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