Shoe cleaning workshop

Free Drop-in Shoe Cleaning Workshop - Friday, 10.5.2024 at 16:00-19:00
at the Main Square of Itis shopping centre opposite Finnkino.
From now on you can bring shoes for repair to Dome Upcycling!
Dome Upcycling celebrates the start of a wonderful cooperation with Suutarimestari Ville by offering you an opportunity to get your shoes cleaned just before Mother's Day.
shoe cleaning workshop at Itis
Join us at Dome Upcycling's shoe cleaning drop-in workshop with Suutarimestari Ville. Bring your shoes in need of a little TLC (tender, love and care). Engage with our local upcycling designers and shoemaker Ville, who will guide you in breathing new life into your favorite shoes. Our aim? To invite individuals from all walks of life, igniting a passion for sustainable living and inspiring others to follow suit.
Ville shoe cleaning suutarimestari

Dome Upcycling serves as a hub for circular-minded creators and consumers alike, fostering a community dedicated to the well-being of both people and planet. Explore the space where local women entrepreneurs offer a range of products and services, from creative mending workshops to upcycled and handmade treasures, as well as preloved fashion.

Dome Upcycling is the brainchild of upcycling designer and circular entrepreneur coach, Isabella Haas, owner of the local social enterprise EDEL City Oy. Join us in shaping a more sustainable tomorrow, one shoe at a time.