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Face mask Fruits

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Sustainable and reusable face mask – upcycled from discarded textile material (mostly cotton), Attach with elastic bands behind the ears. Machine wash at 90° Celsius, suitable for hot ironing, which helps to disinfect the mask. Sewn by hand in Helsinki, Finland, this facemask offers a sustainable alternative to disposable face masks. With this mask you can reduce the droplet transfer without using important protective material for trained personnel. It is neither clinically tested nor certified. The product is not for self-protection from viruses and bacteria, but it may help to protect others.

During the epidemic follow the use instructions by your local government and most important and even when wearing masks you should stay home, wash your hands often and keep social distance of 6 feet. A mask is an additional protection and never substitutes these elementary protection rules.

Wash before use!

Sizes: S (height ca 10 cm), M (height ca 12 cm), L (height ca 14 cm)